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Cliff Gravel (AKA Cliff Gravell) is an experienced SAG-AFTRA Actor, Background Performer (Extra), Public Speaker, Playwright, Screen Writer, Story Analyst, Simulated Patient (S. P.), Laboratory Test Subject, Scientist, Mock Juror, Salesman, and Mystery Shopper. Cliff is represented by MGR Talent Agency, Melissa Morehead, melissamgrtalent@gmail.com, 505 835-6787.Direct contact: cliffgravel@actorwriter.biz.

Filmography, reel and Bio: http://imdb.me/cliffgravel

 Acting Resume, Reel, Voices Demo:

Currently Cliff serves on the New Mexico (Albuquerque) SAG-AFTRA Local Board of Directors, and works as a Standardized Patient for various medical schools. Cliff is an Ordained Minister and holds a B. S. in Curriculum and Instruction for Multicultural Teacher Education of the Physical Sciences, with post graduate M.A. education in Humanities with emphasis on Film and Theater.

Cliff Gravel has portrayed several hundred patient/medical student encounters including:routine checkup, leg cramps, Herpes, Pancreatitis, heart attack recovery, belly pain, stomach ulcers, fatigue, Diabetes, urinary infection, bloody stool, falling, post stroke depression, back strain, Alzheimer's dementia, suicidal ideation, homicidal ideation, seasonal allergies, skin rash, extremity numbness, vertigo, nausea, opioid addiction, headaches, bloody urine, sinusitis, Nebulizer customer, clinical depression, cardiac artery disease, abuse injury, broken ribs, tuberculosis, overdosed epileptic. 

Numerous performances as a rectal/genital model for various medical schools.
Numerous portrayals as a simulated flight mechanic for the U. S. Air Force  Substance Abuse Councilor Program.
Numerous portrayals as a simulated medical student for the University of New Mexico Teacher Education and Development Department.

S. P. Employers
UNM Medical School
UNM College of Nursing
UNM College of Pharmacy
UNM Dermatology Department
University of St. Francis Physicians Assistant School
Veterans Administration Caregivers Training Department
Mind Research Institute
Institute of Medical Ethics
UNM Dental College
UNM Remedial Program
UNM Ambulatory Program
Veterans Administration Neurological Research Department


Cliff Gravel has participated as a test subject in the following projects:
Cialis, Viagra, Meningitis vaccine, Flu vaccine, Anti-anxiety drug, Lipitor, Nocturia, overactive bladder medication, Various homeopathic remedies, Parkinson's detection instruments, Non-invasive blood sugar measurement instruments, Light-source identity verification instruments, Numerous allergy reaction lotions, cremes, detergents, and soaps.    

Cliff Gravel has performed over 600 mystery shopper assignments for various companies such as: brewers, soft drink makers, orange juice packagers, Mexican fast foods, soup companies, apartments, real estate agents, upscale restaurants, hamburger restaurants, truck stops, salad cafeterias, jewelry stores, gas stations, movie theaters, furniture stores, video stores, eye-wear clinics, grocery stores, mass merchandisers, Chinese fast foods, banks, auto dealerships, pizza parlors, office supply stores. Medicare Advantage providers, blood testing clinics, cosmetic surgery clinics, hair restoration clinics, cell phone services, vacuum cleaner stores, department stores. (Details are confidential) MYSTERY SHOPPER PROVIDER ASSOCIATION-SILVER CERTIFICATION.

Cliff Gravel has performed several assignments as a mock juror or focus group participant for various law firms or jury consultants. List is confidential.