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Cliff Gravel's articles, poems, essays, columns, stories, book reviews, play reviews, letters, screenplay critiques, and science monographs have appeared in a variety of venues including:


Writer's Journal, Writer's Info, Write Age, Psychopoetica, Metis, ABIRA Digest, Wild Surmise, Telicom, Viewpoint, National Billiard News, National Bowlers Journal and Billiard Revue, Daily Lobo, Albuquerque Journal, Menson, Becton Society Journal, Vidya, Independent Living, Dewdrops, American Poetry Anthology, Treasured Poems of America, New American Poets, Limelight, MARION, Temm, Priority Parenting, Rocky Mountain Poetry, Sexyg, Perceptions, Open Windo, Integra, Families Together, Sunshine and Butterflies, Cincinnatus Journal, Best of Rhyme Time, Days of Future, American Anthology of Poetry, My Heart Sings, Plowman, Diamonds and Dust, National Poetry Anthology, World Treasury of Poems, Onionhead, Poetry South, Weyfarers, Minnesota Ink, Insider, Innesfree, Primetime, JVC Poetry Newsletter, It's A Wrap Film Quarterly, ABQarts, Mountain View Telegraph, Nooseletter, American Poetry Showcase, Connections Magazine, Candlelight, Words Of Wisdom, Fresh Boiled Peanut, Le Foru, American Poetry Showcase, Amazon.com, Old Time Detection, Going Places in New Mexico, Numerous book reviews for various publishers.

Menzia, La Cuesta News, Turning Point, Touch-Ups, Cliff's Clippings, Brush Strokes, SouthWest Sage, Taos Film Festival Actors Directory , Psychic Evaluation Institute Newsletter, Various Science Textbooks, Numerous Medical Presentation Proposals.


Unexplained Productions
Block Party Players
Potbelly Players
Adobe Gilles Group
Numerous Medical Training Cases

Psychic Evaluation Institute...Magazine campaign.
Digital Data Ltd....Magazine Campaign.
Numerous misc. radio and TV ads.
Numerous advertising flyers.