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Cliff Gravel is an award winning presenter and member of the International Speakers Association. Cliff has spoken on many topics in a variety of venues including: San Francisco, Las Vegas, Palm Springs, and, Albuquerque   Rates for speaking engagements are negotiable depending on location, topic, ticket prices, and anticipated audience size.

Actors Techniques For Writers
Screenplay Formatting
Ways For Actors To Make Money
Stress Reduction Techniques
Writing For The Stage
How To Be A Movie Extra 
How To Register a Copyright Online.
Writing Webisodes and Shorts. 

GHOSTS AND BROTHEL SPROUTS   A sad and funny trek through the "life" of a horny discarnate entity named Geronimo. Descriptive of the haunting of the best little whorehouse in the west, and a Guiness-record swingers convention.  

THE SEXUAL VAMPIRE SOCIETY AND THE PERFECT DATE   An interactive evening of erotic humor and romance designed for intimate audience settings. A MENSA sexual vampire describes in detail how to make a woman very happy.  

POLYAMORY   An exploration of alternate sexual lifestyles including swinging, S & M, D & S and celibacy.


Polyamory...Loving Quest Meeting.
Sexual Vampire Society...Family Synergy Conference.
Stress Reduction Techniques...People Exchanging Power Annual Gathering.
Psycoscopy...New Age Connections Meeting.
Ghosts and Brothel Sprouts...Friendly Philosophers Meeting.
Psychic Reading Techniques...Digital Data Gathering.
Acting for Models...J. R. Powers Class.
Alternate Lifestyles...Lifestyles Convention.
Acting Techniques for Writers...SouthWest Writers Meeting.
Formatting Screenplays...Southwest Writers Meeting.
Improv Acting...Sageways Open University.
Alternate Lifestyles...National Sexuality Symposium.
Romantic Communications...Optimist Club Meeting.
Suicide and Guilt...Dale Carnegie Meeting.
Improv Acting...Screen Actors Guild Conservatory.
Sexual Vampire Society...Mensa Regional Gathering.
Romantic Communications...Various Single Groups.
Alternate Lifestyles...Private Therapy Groups.
Team Writing...SouthWest Writers Conference.
Sexual Vampire Society...People Exchanging Power Annual Gathering.
Writing for the Stage...SouthWest Writers Conference.
Power Selling...American Business Women's Association.
How To Register a Copyright...Friends of Film and Video Arts.
Writing Webisodes...SouthWest Writers Meeting.
Acting/Writing in Filmmaking Contests...Friends of Film and Video Arts.