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Radio Acting, Stage Acting, Advanced Acting, Children's Theater Acting, Play Production, Advanced Play Production, Stage Movement, Drama, Acting Shakespeare, Accents and Dialects, Stage Combat and Stunts, Character Voices, Gun Handling, Comic Improv, Cold Reading, Speech Power, Public Speaking, Flirting, Radio Commercials, Extra Acting, Soap Opera Acting, Fine Acting, TV Commercial Acting, TV Production, Reel way To Hollywood, Professional Acting, Camera Interviewing, Actor's Networking, Business of Acting, Dramatic Improv, Acting in Erotic Films, Psychodrama, Getting an Agent, Film Acting, Microphone Technique, Acting as a Business, Casting Process, Strong Acting Choices, Armed Stage Combat. Unarmed Stage combat, Stage Dialects, Film Editing, Reading for Radio and TV, Making Movies, Radio Broadcasting, TV Series Production, Simulated Patients, Video Production, Theatre Encounters, Film Encounters, Working Actor, Casting Director, Working With Agents, Casting for TV, Voice Master Class, Evening with Agents, Evening with Commercial Casting Agents, Commercials for Principals, Actors Money Management, Journey of the Working Actor, Making Your Own SAG Indie Movie, Low Budget Theatrical Contracts, Art of the Indie Film Deal, Real Deal on Actors reels, Overcoming Career Sabotage, Television Acting, Evening with TV Casting Directors, Background Acting, New Media Contracts, Marketing Yourself, Creating a Business, New Media Acting, Editing Your Actor's Reel, Performance Capture Acting, Cold Reading Process, Camera Techniques, Master Advanced Acting, Working Actor, Using Actor's Access and Breakdown Services, Radio Station Operation, TV Studio Operation, Filmmaker's Bootcamp, Branding Yourself, Living Theatre, Theatre Encounters, Structuring TV Talk Shows, Standardized Patient Training Strategies, Editors On Acting Series. 

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Small Business Operation, Selling Decorating Products, Variety Store Operation, Art of Selling Anything, Credit and Financial Analysis, Employee Development, Selling Paint, Super Memory, Film Making and the Law .